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-Molachi moonu edaiye (Velayutha) "DOWNLOAD"
-Kalaasala - Osthi "Download"
-Maasama aaru maasama "Download"
-Yamma yamma - 7am arivu "Download"
-Yelaelama -7am arivu "Download"
-Asku Laksa - Nanban "Download"
-All is well - Nanban "Download"
-En Frienda Pola - Nanban "Download"
-Pirai Tedum- Mayakkamenna "Download"
-Kathal en Kathal - Mayakkamena "Download"
-Ippadi malai adithaal - /Vedi "Download"
-Pappapapaapa - for male/ Vettai "Download"
-Pookal pookkum tarunam "DOWNLOAD"
-Nillu nillu nillu (Kanchana) "DOWNLOAD"

-Enamo Aedho (KO) "DOWNLOAD"
-Azhagaai Pookkuthe "DOWNLOAD"
-Usumalarasea (Uttama putthiran) "DOWNLOAD"
-Ayaiyo Nenji Alaiyuthadi "DOWNLOAD"
-Vinnai Kaappan Oruvan (Kaavalan) "DOWNLOAD"
-Kadhal Anukkal (Enthiran)"DOWNLOAD"
-Aval Varuvalaa (nerukku nerr) "DOWNLOAD"
-Khajiraho for male singer "DOWNLOAD"
-Pothuvaaga En Manasu Thangam "DOWNLOAD"
-Swasamea swasamea (Thenali) "Download"
-Kathaigalai pesum (A.theru) "DOWNLOAD"
-Nilavu Oru Pennagi (M.G.R)  "DOWNLOAD"
-Araariraro -Raam "Download"
-Ariyaatha Vayasu Puriyaatha "DOWNLOAD"
-Ilamaiyenum Poongatru "DOWNLOAD"
-Malai koyil Vasalilea (Veera) "DOWNLOAD"
-Malargalai Pol Thangai "DOWNLOAD"
-Kulalloothum kannanukku "DOWNLOAD"
-Aagaya Vennilavea ""DOWNLOAD"
-Machana Pathingala "DOWNLOAD"
-Senbagamea Senbagamea "DOWNLOAD'
-Mayanginen Solla Thayanginen "DOWNLOAD" -Kilimanjaro (Enthiran) "DOWNLOAD"
-Arima Arima (Enthiran) "DOWNLOAD"
-Idhuvarai (Goa) "DOWNLOAD"
-Karigalan (Vettaikaran) "DOWNLOAD"
-Thanjavur Jilla (Sura) "DOWNLOAD"
-Vaarayo Vaarayo(Aadavan) "DOWNLOAD"
-Ding dong Koyil mani "DOWNLOAD"
-Chennai Senthamil (S/o mahalaxmi) "DOWNLOAD"
-Kokkoro kokkrokko (Gilli) "DOWNLOAD"
-Hasili Fisili (Aadavan) "DOWNLOAD"
-Thuli Thuli(Paiyya) "DOWNLOAD"
-Adada Mazhai (paiyya) "DOWNLOAD"
-Unnai nenaiccen pattu "DOWNLOAD"
-Aasai aasai ippoluthu peraasai "DOWNLOAD"
-Sutthuthe Boomi (Paiyya) "DOWNLOAD"
-Thenmathurai Vaigainathi "DOWNLOAD"
-Ponaal Pogatthum Poda "DOWNLOAD"
-Vellai Pura Ondru "DOWNLOAD"
-Poongatre (Paiyya) "DOWNLOAD"
-En Kaadhal Solla (Paiyya) "DOWNLOAD"
-Excuse me (Kandhasamy) "DOWNLOAD"
-Maanguyilea Poonguyilea "DOWNLOAD"
-Vaada maple (Villu) "DOWNLOAD"
-Adungada ennai sutti (villu) "DOWNLOAD"
-Anantham anantham padum "DOWNLOAD"
-Aasa patha ellataiyum(viyabari) "DOWNLOAD"
-Adada adada adada(dham dhoom)"DOWNLOAD"
-Anbe en anbe un mugam "DOWNLOAD"
-Akkam pakkam "DOWNLOAD"
-Anal mele pani tuliye"DOWNLOAD"
-Apple penne nee yaro "DOWNLOAD"
-Ariyathe vayasu "DOWNLOAD"
-Appadi podu podu"DOWNLOAD"
-Adiye kolluthe "DOWNLOAD"
-Antha arabi kadal"DOWNLOAD"
-Aayiram nilave vaa"DOWNLOAD"
-Ava enna enna anjala"DOWNLOAD"
-Aval varuvaala "DOWNLOAD"
-Antha nilava taana"DOWNLOAD"
-Ammana summa illada"DOWNLOAD"
-Alage bramanidam manu"DOWNLOAD"
-Chanakya chakya"DOWNLOAD"
-Cinna cinna asai "DOWNLOAD"
-Cinamani kuyile "DOWNLOAD"
-Aagaya Vennilavea "DOWNLOAD" -Daddy mummy "DOWNLOAD"
-Devathaiyai kanden"DOWNLOAD"
-Deivam thanta veedu"DOWNLOAD'
-Ilamayenum poongatru"DOWNLOAD"
-En manavaanil "DOWNLOAD"
- EN Uchi mandellam grrrr"DOWNLOAD"
-Enathuyire "DOWNLOAD"
-Hasile fisile "DOWNLOAD"
-Ilaya nila "DOWNLOAD"
-Indian ponnu taango"DOWNLOAD"
-Innisai paadivarum"DOWNLOAD"
-Kathal ennum"DOWNLOAD"
-Ennai thalata varuvala"DOWNLOAD"
-Kathal rojave "DOWNLOAD"
-Kadavul tanta alagiya "DOWNLOAD"
-Kadhal valarten "DOWNLOAD"
-Kan pesum vartai"DOWNLOAD"
-Kangal irandal "DOWNLOAD"
-Kanne kalaimane "DOWNLOAD"
-Karigalan (vettaikrn)"DOWNLOAD"
-Keladi kanmani "DOWNLOAD"
-Konji konji alaigal"DOWNLOAD"
-Kumbida pona deivam"DOWNLOAD"
-Loosu penne "DOWNLOAD"
-Malligaiye malligaye"DOWNLOAD"
-Mannil intha "DOWNLOAD"
-Muntinam partene"DOWNLOAD"
-Mun paniya "DOWNLOAD"
-Mustafa mustafa"DOWNLOAD"
-Nan adicha taanga"DOWNLOAD"
-Nenjukkul peitidum"DOWNLOAD"
-Nila kaigiratu "DOWNLOAD"
-O podu o podu"DOWNLOAD"
-Oh divya "DOWNLOAD"
-Om shanthi shanthi"DOWNLOAD"
-Ondra renda"DOWNLOAD"
-Oru china tamarai"DOWNLOAD"
-OVvoru pookkalume"DOWNLOAD"
-Paakate enai"DOWNLOAD"
-Puli urumbutu"DOWNLOAD"
-Ragasia kanavukal"DOWNLOAD"
-Sutrum vizhi sudare"DOWMLOAD"
-Then then unai tedi"DOWNLOAD"
-Unakena nan "DOWNLOAD"
-Unnai ninachen paatu"DOWNLOAD"
-Uruguthe marughute"DOWNLOAD"
-Varaayo varaayo"DOWNLOAD"
-Vasigara en nenjinika "DOWNLOAD"
-Vizhi moodi yosital "DOWNLOAD"
-En chella peru apple"DOWNLOAD"
-Anantha kuyilin Paattu "Download"
-Angel Vanthaale Vanthaale "Download"
-Anjali Anjali -Duet "Download"
-Apple penne Nee Yaaro "Download"
-Adi Aathadi en manasule "Download"

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  1. bro, yr karaoke download all so super, welldone..... i will download all the karaoke songs u updated

  2. Hi !!! Good job!

  3. Can you please get me Aval ulaga azhagiye from Lesa Lesa movie karoake..

  4. Sir

    Can you please get me the karaoke track for "ennenno seithom" from the movie "Mayakkam enna"?

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  9. I created this list because when I find myself in a karaoke context (ideally a private room with friends and lots of liquor), I get so overwhelmed with joy, excitement and anticipation that I sometimes am stumped by what to sing. This list instantly jogs my memory and ensures that the hits will keep on rolling. I'd love to hear any suggested additions in comments....


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